Garden maintenance

– Pruning plants, brushes, roses, as well as various types of hedges

– Lawnmowing with a trimmer or tractor

– Maintenance of public green areas including mowing grass

– Weed removal

– Removal, transport and disposal of foliage and grass

manutenzione del verde, giardino, sedie in legno


– Design of gardens and green areas: Cuore Verde sees to the creation of private or public spaces, designed according to the needs of each customer. After an on-site survey, an analysis of the current state is carried out which defines the areas of intervention, after which our company’s professionals draft the final design according to customer needs. – Lawns via seed sowing and rolls – Hedges and shrubs: decorative, natural and artificial – Roses, flower beds and planters – Grading with climbing plants – Systems for irrigation – Stairways, paths and walkways

giardinaggio, pianta terra

Garden Furnishings

Cuore Verde offers numerous products for furnishing gardens which are made traditionally and tailored to the needs of every type of outdoor space. – Door coverings and canopies – Wooden fences and posts – Edgings and stairways for paths – Gratings and fences – Square or hexagonal gazebos, pergolas, tables and benches – Installation of wooden houses, coverings and garages.

arredo giardino, divano esterno, tavolo in legno, gazebo, veranda

We love what we do

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